Why a Couples Therapy Retreat?
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Why an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat?

Traditional weekly therapy

Traditional weekly couples therapy can be problematic for many relationships. There are often few specialists in your area. Busy schedules impact the continuity of care from session to session, spreading sessions out over months. It’s hard to feel like progress is being made at all.


Our intensive couples retreats

In contrast, build momentum, hour after hour, in an intensive format. There is time for connection and closure. Schedule once with the specialist of your choice and receive months of concentrated help in a single weekend. This accelerated approach can be a relief for couples who want quicker results.


You’ll be in remarkably good hands with our advanced licensed relationship experts.

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Commit to making real and lasting changes in your relationship.

It is common for repetitive and escalating problems to leave couples feeling hopeless that anything can help. Intensive couples therapy retreats allow a disheartened couple to bring a re-focused dedication to their marriage. If you are ready for healing or clearer decision-making, a couples therapy retreat may be the right choice.

Our 2.5-day intensive retreat schedule

The information below reflects a typical Friday-Sunday intensive schedule. Some flexibility for Friday start times and even days of the week is possible for some clinicians. Be sure to discuss scheduling needs with our Client Services Representative.



Whether online from your hometown or traveling, make the most of this special time. Book a room away and escape the mundane. Arrive early and settle in. This marriage retreat helps you focus on your relationship, partner, and yourself. Be on your best behavior. Creating more intimate bonds starts now.

Here’s how your initial “warm up” meeting (and continuation of the assessment) will go:

  • Problems Defined
    Every relationship has difficulties, often long-standing ones. This is your opportunity to discuss yours without shaming or blaming.
  • The Oral History Interview
    Here, we focus on how you met, your early years, and later challenges. This structured interview leaves most couples feeling more hopeful and optimistic about their relationship. It is an excellent way to end the start of this most intimate retreat.

Devote a weekend to reignite your relationship.

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Our therapy is science-based with real results

Diverse approaches, extensive assessments, and years spent conducting intensives; we can help.


How do you get so many of these positive results?

Each and every couple completes this extensive assessment before therapy begins. Your therapist receives thousands of data points they then study before we even meet you. Read More


Advanced training in multiple models and experience working with couples makes Talia uniquely suited to help. Discernment Counseling, Imago, and Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy are just some of the additional training she possesses.

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Follow-up care tailored to your needs

Genuine comprehensive care starts before you arrive and continues long after you leave. Follow-up is offered in person or online.

These follow-up sessions ensure you maintain positive changes through daily stressors. Instituting new rituals and regular times to connect is reinforced by our free “Inbox Intensive” course. Only couples completing our intensives have access to these practice lessons.


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Please note:

These weekend therapy retreats are not a magic formula. If one of you has little motivation to work on your marriage in a sincere way or is seriously considering divorce, your therapist may recommend a discernment counseling retreat instead of our couples THERAPY retreat.

Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage is essential for this work to succeed. It takes both of you to be open and willing to change.

Couples therapy (including John Gottman’s methods and Emotionally focused therapy) does not work with the following: domestic violence, suicide prevention, personality disorders or alcohol and drug abuse that requires inpatient care.

Seek professional individual mental health services. Finding mental health professionals who have specifically trained is your best option.


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